We believe that we can end malnutrition and hunger in the world where women even in the most remote areas have access to nutritious food and live healthy lifestyles and transform their communities. A continent filled with hope, opportunities, with shared prosperity for all

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Our mission is to alleviate global poverty and environmental degradation by providing farmers direct access to markets as well as a feedback mechanism for farmers to communicate with donors.

Company’s strength

  Strong employee attitudes.

  Excellent customer service.

  Large market share.

  Personal relationships with customers.

  Leadership in product innovation.

  Highly efficient, low-cost manufacturing.

  High integrity

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Usoro-iwa aka Cassava FESTIVAL is a celebration of an economic fruit that embodies all we stand for.


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beau haven farms ongoing programmes !


The main goal of this club is to provide a fun opportunity for children to broaden their knowledge of agriculture and to interact with other students who have a shared interest in agriculture.

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Girls Farmers Club

Girls Farmers’ Clubs (GFC) was established in 2014 to further the education and farming skills of young girls in agriculture.


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From Farm to School Network, commonly referred to as FF2SN, is a program that helps children learn where their food comes from, how it is grown, and offers hands-on experiences with it, in turn making them more likely to accept new foods into their diet.

Nutritious school farm

The farm to school project seeks to re-establish the link between the food students eats and where it comes from through the medium of hands-on constructive education. Students will be able to develop entrepreneurial skills by processing and making products from the produce grown and selling it at school events, while educating their community about healthy eating and the importance of agriculture as sustenance.

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board of directors.

RITA OTU. -Founder

Rita Robert Otu is the CEO of Beau Haven Farms and a creative agriculturist, activist, researcher, and published author. With an academic background in international political economy and development, she focuses on food security, migration, and democracy. 

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Dr mfon clement

Dr. MFON CLEMENT UTIN is a renowned researcher with a PHD on Analytical Chemistry from the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Nigeria. A great l over of food and agriculture with over 5 years working experience.

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Telling our Story

Esteemed Board Members.

Mrs. Margaret Ukeme Willie is a development officer. She works directly with communities across the states in Nigeria tohave a dialogue on health matters concerning women.

Mrs. Margaret Ukeme Willie


Mrs. Margaret Ukeme Willie is a development officer. She works directly with communities across the states in Nigeria to have a dialogue on health matters concerning women. She co-founded in 2015 Beau Haven Farms to offer innovative training in leadership development that specifically brought together the worlds of social Justice and women well being. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Botany from the University of Calabar and a PGD in Internatiomal Relations from the University Of PortHarcourt, Nigeria.


Media Strategist


Ms. Uduak Udoette is a renowned media strategist with Over 10 years work experience. She is the principal Presenter at Radio Nigeria Atlantic FM, Uyo. Nigeria.

Dr. UnenObong Udoka

Medical Consultant/ Health Advisor

Dr. UnenObong Udoka is a graduate of University of Calabar, Cross Rivers State. Nigeria. Unen has been practising since 2010 at the University of Calabar, selected as one of the top 100 hospitals in Nigeria. A great lover of food she has led various campaigns on healthy living for women and children. She is a medical consultant / Health Advisor for Beau Haven Farms. Unen’s practice specializes in the care of children and women.





  • A sound theoretical knowledge base in agricultural technology.
  • Training in farm business management.
  • Training in appropriate life skills.


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