Rita Entrepreneurship Day (RED). RED is a fun, experiential program that teaches young girls and women how to start, own and operate their very own business.

Our program inspires young girls in times like this to have an entrepreneurial mindset to overcome adversity and achieve their dreams .

RED will expose girls and women to the different aspects of entrepreneurship and our mentorship platform BigSistah Meetups which provides after school mentoring opportunities in underserved communities.

BigSistah aim to build an inclusive workforce by connecting girls and women to provide fresh perspectives and insights on their culture and business issues.

Girls and women are not the future. They are the present
The BigSistah Academy is advantageous for young people because:

1. Many young people (particularly those experiencing disadvantage) are amongst the beneficiaries,

2. Young girls already form a large proportion of those interested in developing start-ups,

3. Young people are more likely to have skills in aspects of information and communications technologies.

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